First Lesson: John 14: 21
Second Lesson: 1st John 2: 23-24
Golden Text: John 10: 27-30

Introductory Spiritual Chorus: I know His voice, whenever I hear His voice I will follow, I know His voice for the sheep cannot follow the voice of stranger.
Now tell me how many here have heard His voice? You just finish singing that when you hear His voice you will follow. How many hear His voice and follow? Amadiama you don’t hear His voice? Now that you have heard do you follow? I have not seen any hand from the TCW and 144,000. If you have not heard His voice know that you are in the wrong place because you must hear His voice. If you have heard His voice and follow why do you lament or complain? You say you have heard His voice why do you complain, because those who hear His voice and follow, it is always joy, joy for them.
Just in case you have not heard His voice before, this is His voice. Let us hear our first lesson again

First lesson: John 14:21

That is His voice. How many have heard that voice? If you have heard that voice, do you love, obey and keep His commandment? Has He appeared to you?
Because if you hear His voice and keep His commandment it means you have loved Him. What did He say, that He and His Father will manifest to you. Has He manifested Himself to you? Because if He had manifested Himself to you, you must walk, talk and act like Him.
I am sure by now that you have heard that recently the scientist have discovered a slate written I am real. Who said that? God is telling us that He is real, for those who don’t believe in Him, He is telling the world that He is real. Time has come for everything to change, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
What does that mean to you? It means time for all of us to be one and follow one and only living God has come and that time is now. Time has come for us all to stop paying lips service to God.
You said you love our lord Jesus Christ, yet you don’t keep to His injunction, are you not a liar? How many liars are here? The man said if you love me put my commandment into practice, and I will love you and my Father will love you and both of us will manifest ourselves to you.
Jesus I love you, and yet the man or woman sitting next to you, you don’t love, are you not a liar. How can you love what you don’t see? The man sitting next to you, you did not love, how can you love the one you did not see?
Now tell me, if somebody loves you and by the time he meets your children he did not love them, is that person serious? He said what a naughty child, did that person love you?
Or somebody loves your children but don’t love the parent, is that true love? So, tell me, if is it not the problem of the world today? Many Christians claims to love God but don’t love the people they see, is that true love?
Do you know that if you love man; the man means men, women children, elders, and the aged. If you love man it means you love God. Are you aware of that?
If you love man God will surely love you because man is God and God is man. So, man is the word and the word is God. Can you separate the two? The bible says in the beginning was the word and everything were created by the word and the same was in the beginning with God. Simply put, if you have the word you have God and as such you have everything.
I don’t mean for you to just say I have the word. When you have the word you must put it into practice. What did I say that you must put it into practice! When you have the word you have God and everything.
You remember when Christ use two loafs of bread and five fishes and fed 5000 men. Women and children were not counted. You know fully well that if you go to any community and conduct census you will have more children and women than men. So, if you add women and children the number could have amounted to 50,000, but He fed them all, and He ordered for the fragment to be picked, and they picked twelve basket of fragmented left-overs, and you have all heard that the multitude fed satisfactorily and had enough to spare.

They said it was five fishes and two loafs of bread, but it means the word of God, and the people ate and became satisfied.
So you can see that all you need is the word of God because everything created were created by the word. I tell you now that the word is the beginning and the end.
That is why our lord Jesus Christ had the audacity to tell us that He s is the way, the truth and the light, and as long as you have Him you have everything, and you will no longer be poor or suffer because He said He will conquer all your enemies for you.
So when you make your proclamations that Jesus I love you and you don’t put the word into practice your proclamation is in vain, but when you have the word and put them into practice you have everything. The test of the pudding is in the eating. He said when you have my word and put them into practice; He will love you, not only that; His Father will manifest Himself to you.
I don’t mean when you are filled with (eba) food and you start to dream. This is reality, no visioner will tell you about them. You will see them live. A situation where somebody tells you about them you are a none starter.
Many here and out there; instead of having the word and put it into practice they prefer visioners. If you see how they regard visioners as God. Some people before they go out they must consult a visoner. They did this because they don’t have the word.
You need no visioner because many of them are fake. Can you count how many that visoners have destroyed? Yet you put your faith in them. Put your faith in God and see whether He will disappoint you. Some have surrender their entire life to visoner just to later realise that they are all fake. By the time visoner mix something for you to drink you are gone. Some will drink and before you know it they start flying. Of course you must be duped because you prefer shortcut.
A visioner will tell you, sister do you know your husband is a witch and you will ignorantly say yes father; and she will say do you know your husband have joined cult and you will ignorantly say yes father, and before you know it she and your husband are in relationship. How long can you be fooled? He said have my word and put it into practice; if you put the word of God into practice will anybody fool you?
Don’t get me wrong because vision is a gift from God. He gives it freely, but if you see any visioner who charges for vision, leave that person because such vision is not from God.
I don’t mean the vision that when an enemy will come inside here because he/she have problem with somebody he/she will send you to the person in form of vision, and you will turn a visoner overnight and. That is why you must have the word of God, because when the great three in one is in you, the Holy Spirit will warn you of such people.

Dear brethren I don’t wish to be tedious let our second lesson be read again.

Second lesson: 1st John 2: 23-24

I am sure you have heard that loud and clear? Many said I have the Father, but yet you don’t recognize the Son. Do you think you have the Father? When mention is made of the Son you say go away. The bible has told you today that such person know not the Father. See the situation in BCS. Today people are trying to divide Brotherhood of the cross and star, but they can’t no matter how they try.
I don’t have anything to do with the Son, you said, but did the Father know such people that make such claims? Did the Father make mention of daughter?
You see, many are just fooling themselves. Like the picture I saw in the newspaper the other day. The picture Odum took in centuries ago with the Holy Father. Why can’t people tell the truth?
Brethren, if you don’t love the Father you don’t love the Son and both cannot abide in you.

Spiritual chorus: Akpaniko adad k’ebite kiet enye kanam utom, nyin imokut eney k’eyo emi enye edi Olumba Obu (truth is constant, we have seen him in this generation, He is Olumba Obu).

So, brethren, up till today people are still planning evil against the Son and yet this is the very Son the Father said He should take His seat. Did He say anybody should be against Him? Because He said the Father and Son are inseparable. Can they separate them? Did He not say what God has joined let no man put asunder? Do you think it has to do with husband and wife alone? He said love the Son and when you do that all your problems will be taken away.
That brings to question as you heard that Christ was so particular about the fragment. Why was He so particular about fragments? Something that fell from your mouth He said you must gather them. It is because He did not want you to trample upon them, and that is the Father and the Son. They are two inseparable whole. When you have the two, nothing can challenge you in the world. And because the Father and son are one, there is no fragment or deputy. They are one indivisible whole, no fragment; once you have them you have everything. Whatever you want so long as you have them every good thing will come your way.
Brethren I promised not to be tedious with you let us once again hear our golden text.

Golden text: John 10:27-30

My sheep hear my voice and they follow me and I do what to them? I give them eternal life, is it not so? What is eternal life? Eternal life, simply put means knowing Him and believing in Him and all will be well with you. If you don’t know and believe in Him there is no eternal life for you, but when you know Him and believe in Him everything is yours and when you call on Him He will answer you.
That simply explains that statement that whatever you sow same will you reap. If you say I'm going to die it means you will die, if you say I’m going to be sick it means you will be sick. But if you say I will not die, brethren you will not die. If you say I’m not sick, you will indeed not sick.
That means when you know and believe in Him you have to be careful of what comes out of your mouth. You cannot make unnecessary proclamation. You have to be careful and know what comes out of your mouth because that same word will either destroy or promote you. Because you don’t know and believe in Him you declare, oh I’m on fire, and I say you are on fire by that proclamation.

He has given you His eternal life which means that you know and believe in Him and declare I’m rich, and I say you are rich, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you declare I’m a governor or a local government chairman, it works out exactly for you and every good thing will be coming your way, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Tell me was our Lord Jesus Christ a pompous person? He was humble even unto death that is why He is the greatest. So, if you express your eternal life you must do it with all amount of humility, and He will give you whatever you stand in need of.
Remember, as He hears from His Father He speaks. He never did anything on His own, just as He hears form the Father He acts. Now that you have heard from Him you must obey Him and hear from Him and you will be saved.
Always remember, man constitutes God, meaning God is man and man is God. If you hate man you hate God; if you love man, what does that means? It means you love God.

Brethren, I promised not to be tedious unto you a stroke of the cane is enough for the wise let those who have ears hear, may He alone bless His Holy words.